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Working a Territory

With digital territories, you can work an assigned territory of your own or help out a fellow publisher.

You must first have a Territory Helper account in your congregation. If you do not have an account contact your territory servant.

Working a Location

Working a location is as simple as clicking the visit button as shown below.
Now you can choose the state of that location or address from the available options as shown in the image below.
In the example, we have chosen visited because we have met the householder at home. The change will be reflected in the location list as shown below.
That's it, the location has been updated. Now your fellow publishers can also see the updated state real-time providing a shared detailed digital house to house record. Working a territory digitally removes the hassle of maintaining paper notes and combining the notes of the publishers in your service group and keeps a record of your visits for future assignments.

Other Details

The location can also be updated with details such as the status of the visit and the language which is available to the entire congregation. The location also has many other features, such as driving directions to the specific address and shared notes as depicted in the image below.

Adding Locations

It may be that a location is not listed for your territory. For more information on how to contribute to your congregation's territory map take a look at the Territory Collaboration guide.