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Design Territories
Quickly and easily design, create and manage your congregation's territories
Manage Assignments
Assign, return and manage territory assignments from anywhere
Get turn by turn directions to your territories, as well as other map services
Cloud Hosted
Data is securily stored in cloud services for fast and reliable access
Try it out!

Try it out!

Territory Helper is a free web application designed to help Jehovah's Witnesses with their congregation's territories.

Design, create, manage, graph and explore your congregation's territories.

Interested in seeing a little of what Territory Helper can do? Go check out the live demo!

Try it out!


Not everyone speaks the same language, nor can everyone speak more than one language. That's why multi-language support is essential to Territory Helper.

We are looking for help to bring the application to your mother tounge! Maybe you can lend a helping hand so others can use this application in your language?

The Beta is Over!

The Beta is Over!

With the unbelievable support from thousands of congregation's around the world for the past two years, Territory Helper's beta phase has come to an end.

This certainly does not mean that development is complete. But it does mean that the majority of the features are in and Territory Helper has become a stable application! There is still much work to be done to continually make territories easier to access and manage for publishers around the world.

Go ahead and sign up and give Territory Helper a try for your congregation!

The Beta is Over!

For desktop, mobile, or anything with a browser

Whether you're at home, the kingdom hall, or even in the territory, Territory Helper can be used anywhere.
Log Book

Log Book

development notes Trello @territoryhelper


Introducing locations, detailed and robust location management system replacing house markers and do not calls.

Location Units

Locations can now have subunits or units to keep track of individual sub-addresses within a location.


Keep track of householders within a location or location unit.

Territory Collaboration

All publishers can assist their congregation in making detailed maps.

Location Approval

Territory servants can approve of the suggested locations publishers add for their congregation.

Detailed Printing

Printing now breaks out all locations, units and contacts with extra levels of customization.

Territory Details Editing

Manage an individual territory's locations, units, contacts, and map labels.

Location Managment Documentation

Detailed documentation for all location handling.
10/6/2016 Alt Map alternative maps for Austria is now available.

Toggleable Territory Labels

The territory label can be toggled independently from the number on the territories page.