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Design Territories
Quickly and easily design, create and manage your congregation's territories
Manage Assignments
Assign, return and manage territory assignments from anywhere
Get turn by turn directions to your territories, as well as other map services
Cloud Hosted
Data is securely stored in cloud services for fast and reliable access
Try it out!

Try it out!

Territory Helper is a web application designed to help Jehovah's Witnesses with their congregations' territories.

Design, create, manage, graph and explore your congregation's territories.

Interested in seeing a little of what Territory Helper can do? Go check out the live demo!

Try it out!


Not everyone speaks the same language, nor can everyone speak more than one language. That's why multi-language support is essential to Territory Helper.

We are looking for help to bring the application to your mother tounge! Maybe you can lend a helping hand so others can use this application in your language?

For desktop, mobile, or anything with a browser

Whether you're at home, the kingdom hall, or even in the territory, Territory Helper can be used anywhere.
Log Book

Log Book

development notes Trello @territoryhelper

Inactive Publishers

Publishers can now be marked inactive, removing them from the assign territories list.

Password Usability

Passwords now have a visibility toggle.

Dashboard Notes

Assignment notes can now be viewed and changed on the dashboard.

Pending Approval Listing

Locations and territory notes pending approval are now listed and apart of the notifications page.

Territory Notes Toggle

The territory notes can be toggled editable or viewable in the territory view.

Territory Notes Permissions

Added options and settings in whether territory notes need approval and if publishers have the functionality.

Territory Notes

Created the ability for publishers to suggest changes to territory notes and an approval process for administrators.

Territory Notes Editor

Drastically improved the functionality included in the territory notes editor.

Publisher Intro Video

The instructional video for using Territory Helper as a publisher is released.

Field Service Group Video

The instructional video for creating and managing field service groups is released.

Campaign Management Video

The instructional video for campaign creation and management is released.

Congregation Overview

The congregation overview can now be downloaded as an image.

Service Group API

Service groups and territories assigned to service groups is now included in the API.