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Custom Map Theme

Applying your own custom map theme can be done on the Territories page within the Territory Settings dialog. To view how to change Territory Settings and access the dialog, refer to the Territory View Settings guide.

Creating your own map theme gives you full and complete control over how your maps appear. From the color of the tiles, what is shown on your maps, the look and size of the street names, and much more. To begin creating your own map theme, start by visiting and creating an account.

Once an account has been created, your map style is created and managed within Mapbox's Studio. To learn how to create your own style within Mapbox Studio, follow their step by step guide.

After your map theme has been created, you can begin using it by clicking on the Share and Use button next to your map theme name as shown in the image below.
Copy the share URL and ensure the map theme is set to public as shown in the image below.
Finally paste the share url into Territory Helper's custom map theme field and press save as depicted in the image below.
This theme is now accessible under the map theme list labeled as Custom and ready for use.